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Hiking in the mountains

Partner with GRAB Insights to define your journey. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a group of friends, we will work collaboratively to provide you with an itinerary you feel comfortable managing on your own. Depending on the level of guidance you’d like, you can choose from several levels of self-guided journeys. View the list of places we've been or contact us for additional ideas. 

  • Idea Session. Chat with us over coffee, on the phone or virtually, to discuss your ideas. We’ll provide you with some of our best practices, considerations, and thoughts on where to visit. Then off you go. There is no charge for a few minutes of our time.

  • Self-Guided Itinerary. Meet with us in person or virtually to discuss the goals of your holiday. We will design a sample itinerary that includes suggestions for locations, hotels, restaurants, and transportation. Then, you book the respective components that interest and align with your desires. $

  • Self-Guided Itinerary and Logistics. We meet to discuss the goals of your holiday, we design a few itineraries, and you select the experience that works best for you. We will book and confirm all aspects of your program. $$

Family hiking in the mountains
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