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GRAB Insights has designed and facilitated trips in over 20 countries. We offer both open-enrollment and custom options, both of which are uniquely designed and facilitated. Programs can range from 5-12 days and are accompanied by two facilitators. 

Open-Enrollment Journeys

With open-enrollment journeys, you register for a program posted on our travel calendar. If you like what you see, you sign up for the holiday, and we do the rest.

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2024 trips
Join one of our open-enrollment options for a fully planned, facilitated journey. These active trekking holidays are for the traveler who wants to stay in hotels, enjoy dinner in restaurants, and have their luggage shuttled when transferring locations, all while incorporating day treks to experience the region up close. Your travel group will consist of people of various ages, backgrounds, and geographic locations. For more information, and to register, please contact us


Pula Amphitheater Croatia

Sept 27-Oct 5, 2024

$2800 per person


Image by Matteo Bordi

October 3-13, 2024

$2950 per person



Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2024

$2950 per person

Custom Facilitated Journeys

Perhaps you already have a group in mind. Our custom facilitated trekking holidays allow you to create the experience you've always imagined by tapping into our support and expertise. We design and facilitate your holiday, considering multiple elements in the design to make sure the trip is suited to your group's needs:

  • Goals. What insights do you want to gain through the experience?

  • Type. How do you want to spend your time? We’ll help you find the right balance of trekking, exploring, relaxing, visiting historical venues, touring wineries, and/or participating in educational tours.

  • Environment. Is there certain terrain, climates, or landscapes you prefer? Or perhaps you want to explore a mix of urban centers and rural farmland. Having a hard time choosing between islands, mountains, coastlines? The choices when traveling can be overwhelming; we’ll help you pinpoint the best options for you. 

  • Ability. Would you like to trek 3K a day or 20K? We can design treks for all abilities and group desires.

  • Age. We have had participants from age 14 to over 80 years young. If there is one insight to gain from our programs, it is that age and ability do not correlate. Desire and perseverance are amazing attributes.

  • Budget. Depending on the type of accommodations, location, amenities, transportation, size of the group, our trips can be adapted to a range of budgets. 

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